Tax credit saves tens of thousands for Central Ohio 1st time buyers

As if it wasn’t great enough having the feds giving 1st time buyers $8,000, now I have a program available that give buyers a yearly tax credit of up to $2,000 every year they have a home loan. The tax credit is 20%-30% of your yearly mortgage interest.
Rates today are currently 4.875 – 5.00% with No points for conventional and FHA financing.
A recent example:
· $150,000 loan amount
· 5% rate for 30 yr fixed rate FHA purchase
· Total credit over the life of the loan was $27,983

This was over and above the $8,000 federal stimulus check they received.

There are income and property limitations but every 1st time buyer should apply (at no cost of course).

Brent Diebert
The Arlington Bank
Office 614-486-3843
Mobile 614-571-3554

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