Fines for non-registered rental properties to start next month

In a recent meeting with Joe Testa he announced that fines for non registered rental properties will start with the next tax bill. In a notice dated 10/1/2007 all rental properties are required to be registered with the county auditor. Below is the information that is required:
· The name, address and phone number of the owner or contact agent;
· The street address and parcel number of the residential rental property,
· Any owner of residential rental property who resides outside of the state shall designate an individual who resides in the state to serve as the owner’s agent.
· Any owner who designates an agent shall file in writing the name, address and telephone number of the agent.
· An owner shall update the information, within sixty days after they are notified by receiving a tax bill, a property transfers or any change in the information occurs.
The fines will start at $50 per occurrence and increase by $50 each tax bill until corrected. Registration can be completed by visiting:

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